Project Client Genre
Highway Thru Hell Discovery / Great Pacific Series
High Arctic Haulers CBC / Great Pacific Series
Wild Bear Rescue Animal Planet / Omni Film and Television Series
Heavy Rescue 401 Discovery / Great Pacific Series
The Nature of Things: Dinosaur Cold Case CBC / Omni Documentary
The Story of Us Hallmark / Frontstreet MOW
A Winter Princess Hallmark / Sepia MOW
Rocky Mountain Christmas Hallmark MOW
Love Struck Cafe Hallmark MOW
A Gift to Remember Hallmark MOW
Moonlight in Vermont Hallmark MOW
The Birthday Wish Hallmark MOW
Journey back to Christmas Hallmark MOW
Airshow Discovery Series
Cooking with Love Hallmark MOW
Game of Homes W Network Series
Save my Reno (Theme) Corus Series
Worst to First (Theme) Corus Series
Season's Greetings UpTV MOW
All of my Heart Hallmark MOW
Anything for Love Hallmark MOW
A Snow Capped Christmas (aka Falling for Christmas) UpTV MOW
The Christmas Calendar Hallmark MOW
Love in Paradise Hallmark MOW
My Christmas Dream Hallmark MOW
My One Christmas Wish UpTV MOW
A Princess for Christmas UpTV MOW
Extreme Animal Obsessions Animal Planet Series
Welcome Home UpTV MOW
The Christmas Consultant Lifetime MOW
Untold Stories of the ER TLC Series
Sex Sent me to the ER TLC Series
Model Killers TLC Series
My Evil Sister TLC Series
He Loves Me Not Lifetime MOW
Psycho Wedding Crasher Lifetime MOW
The Murderer Upstairs Lifetime MOW
Cold Zone MarVista MOW
Undergrad Nightmare Lifetime MOW
Meteor Assault MarVista MOW
Transparency Qube Films / Lou Diamond Phillips Feature
Killer Photo Lifetime MOW
Sorority Murder Lifetime MOW
Way of the Wicked Matt Kelly Entertainment / Odyssey Media Film
Virtual Lies (aka Cyber Seduction) Lifetime MOW
Secret Liaison Lifetime MOW
The Honor Student Lifetime MOW
Obsession Lifetime MOW
Metal Shifters SyFy MOW
Confessions: Animal Hoarding Animal Planet Series
Divine Mapleblood Productions Series
BC Greenhouse Growers "Veggie Day" Commercial BC Greenhouse Growers / Lamarque Films Advertising
Fatal Performance Lifetime MOW
Dancing With Shadows Marque One Films / Telefilm Canada Film
Goblin SyFy MOW
Thirst Insight Film/Lacey Chabert MOW
Alien Incursion SyFy MOW
Central Booking Little Studio Films/Tornado Pictures Pilot
Iron Soldier Brett Kelly Entertainment / Joe Estevez MOW
Deadliest Warrior (co-composer) Morningstar Entertainment/Spike Series
Mortal Remains Foxglove Films/ Alliance Atlantis Television Doc
Valentine’s Day Massacre (co-composer) Big Machine Design / History Channel Doc
No One Knows You Like Your Mother Infinity Films/Mars Entertainment Short
Savage Island Meridien Filmed Entertainment Film
The Scarab Brett Kelly Entertainment DVD
Medical Stories (co-composer) Morningstar Entertainment/TLC Series
Secret Worlds (co-composer) Morningstar Entertainment/History Channel Series
Zeke’s Pad (additional music) Bardel Entertainment/ YTV Animated, Series
Move Out Clean Synergy Cinema Short
Kingdom of the Vampire Brett Kelly Ent./Tempe Entertainment DVD
Vancouver Canucks – Canuck Place 2010 PSA Odyssey Media PSA
Canuck Place – Capital Campaign PSA Odyssey Media PSA
Man Without A Name Pretty Penny Pictures Film
Triggers (co-composer) Morningstar Entertainment Series
Recreating Eden (additional music) Lank Beach/HGTV/Knowledge Network/HGTV Series
Insecticidal Sci-Fi Channel/Shoreline Entertainment MOW
Prey for the Beast Brett Kelly Entertainment DVD
Spec Ops Mission Ssn 1 (additional music) Morningstar Entertainment/History Channel Series
Rebuilding Faces (co-composer) Morningstar Entertainment / TLC Doc
Hostage Do or Die (co-composer) Big Machine Design / History Channel Series
Virtual Lies Trailer The Refinery Trailer
Obsession Trailer Odyssey Media Trailer
Hell At My Heels Maxim Media Internation /Brett Kelly Ent. DVD
Thuderstorm: The Return of Thor Brett Kelly Entertainment DVD
A Tour Through Yesteryear Rossier Productions Inc./Tallahassee Tourism Bureau Doc
Revulsion Trailer Marque One Films/Telefilm Canada Trailer
The Baron Vs. The Demons Trailer Allied Entertainment Trailer
The World That Lives Here Rossier Productions Inc. Doc
Out Of Control (co-composer) Morningstar/ Lifetime Series
Three Words Ink Slinger Productions, National Film Board Short
Taking off the Blinders Rossier Productions Inc. Doc
The Red Hills Heritage Tour Rossier Productions Inc. Doc
Learning about Lichgate Rossier Productions Inc. Doc
Operation Filmmaker Documentaries Character and Heritage Institute Doc
Edgar Allen Poe’s The Telltale Heart Brett Kelly Entertainment Short
Loaded Dice Serious Green Productions/Tom Savini DVD
Accident Aruga Films Japan Short
Iceberg Pictures Logo Iceberg Pictures Logo
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Rossier Productions Inc. PSA
Iceberg Pictures Website Iceberg Pictures Website
The Numbers Racket (additional music) History Channel / Bronx River Studios Doc
Man, Moment, Machine (additional music) Edelman Productions/History Channel Series
Helter Cellar Way Below the Line Entertainment Short
Bruiser Promotional Trailer Iceberg Pictures Trailer
Remembrance Dance Masquerade Pictures, BCTV Short
Silent Soldier Fear and Desire Productions Short
Edelman Logo Edelman Productions Logo
The Sound of Pain Last Breath Films Short
CHIUS: A Two Way Street CHIUS: A Two Way Street Doc
ELCA Logo Wreckless Abandon Studios / NBC Logo
Trailer Music: Man Without a Name Iceberg Pictures Trailer
Premonition Aruga Films Short
Wineglass Aruga Films Short
The Dominus Complex Eric Goodman Short
The Purple Room VFS Short Drama Short
Trailer Music: Savage Island Ardustry Home Entertainment Trailer
Reminiscence Roberto Wittmann Drama
Alien Ops: Original Trailer Music Ardustry Home Entertainment Trailer
Teaser: Incursion Way Below the Line Entertainment Trailer
Trailer Music: Insecticidal Way Below the Line Entertainment Trailer

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